Autism & Neurodiversity in Dentistry

I had the honour of working on the advisory committee for the University of British Columbia: Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration in Autism (CIRCA) where we developed (under the leadership of Dr. Karen Bopp) this self-paced, online asynchronous course for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Certified Dental Assistants, Dental Technicians, Denturists, Dental Therapists, Dental Office StaffContinue reading “Autism & Neurodiversity in Dentistry”

Our latest research in the peer-reviewed Autism Journal

Waisman, T.C., Williams, Z., Cage, E., Santhanam, S.P., Magiati, I., Dwyer, P., Stockwell, K., Kofner, B., Brown, H., Davidson, D., Herrell, J., Shore, S., Caudel, D., Gurbuz, E., & Gillespie-Lynch, K. (2022). Learning from the experts: Evaluating a participatory autism and universal design training for university educators. Autism. 

Neurodiversity Conference 2022

Let’s Talk About Representation: Discussing Social Justice with Neurodivergent Young People Herrell, J., Grossman, E., Waisman, T.C., Delos Santos, J., Kofner, B., Shevchuk-Hill, S., Gravitch, K., Biswas, S., Rosenberg, B., Dwyer, P., Riccio, A., Ulerio, C., Hurst, A., O’Brien, S., Messina, C., & Gillespie-Lynch, K. (2022). Let’s talk about representation: Discussing social justice with neurodivergent young people. TalkContinue reading “Neurodiversity Conference 2022”

Conscious Collaboration for Equitable Research

In this interactive session, a panel of leaders will share their experiences and perspectives regarding equity in research. They will discuss what equity in research means and looks like throughout the lifecycle of a research project from conception through implementation to dissemination. Panelists will explore with one another the who, what, when, where and howContinue reading “Conscious Collaboration for Equitable Research”