Autism Research 2021

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Autism & Universal Design Training for Higher Education Faculty

Learn how to better understand, teach, and support your Autistic students; develop universal design strategies to improve your pedagogy for all students, and make a difference to your teaching practice this semester

Our Research


Who can take part: Faculty & TAs currently teaching at colleges or universities are welcome to participate in this research. We will limit our participants to 90 faculty members.

What: This research principally aims to improve university staff’s knowledge and attitudes towards autism and of Universal Design via an online training programme. The training has been developed using participatory methods, with Autistic people involved in all aspects of its development and the research. There are pre & post questionnaires, an online training portion, and a maintenance questionnaire 1 month later.

Where: All components of this research are conducted online.

Time: Questionnaires take approximately 20 minutes to complete and the online training takes approximately 1.5 hours

Why: The two objectives of the training itself are to train university staff to first better understand, teach and support Autistic students and to train staff to understand how they can use Universal Design (UD) to help all students learn.


*Improvements to your teaching and learning pedagogy through evidence-based best practices

*A $50USD PayPal payment will be awarded in your local currency to participants completing the research

*A certificate of completion of the Autism & UD Training will be conferred upon completion of the training

*Supplementary tools and resources will be shared with participants upon completion of the training that can be utilized immediately in syllabus design, classrooms, and online teaching.


If you’d like to sign up for this research or if you have any questions, please fill out the contact form here.

Feel free to pass on this information to fellow faculty members who are interested in strengthening their understanding of Autistic students and building their UD skills.

Thank you for your time and support.

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