About TC Waisman

Since 1998, TC has had a distinguished career working with leaders in the areas of healthcare, housekeeping, education, environmental advocacy, Provincial government, International government, community agencies and not-for-profits. Among her areas of expertise are developing leadership curriculums, coaching training, team building retreats, strategic planning workshops, conflict management strategies and strengthening personal leadership practices through one-on-one coaching. With a Masters in Organizational Leadership & Training and her book on leadership traits of great leaders, TC combines knowledge and decades of experience with her practical Coaching style to inspire her clients to make consequential lifelong changes to their leadership practice. She hails from a dot on the map (Fiji) and was inspired to write her Masters thesis on the ancient wisdom of the South Pacific that can be applied in a transformational way to the organizational world. TC resides in Vancouver, Canada and credits her resilient clients with helping her uncover the traits she highlights in her book '75 Traits of Great Leaders'.

Panel discussion


It was a distinct pleasure being on the panel at Adler University and speaking with the clinical psychologist grad class on all things leadership. A great group of change makers who are ready to put their mark on the world. It was an honour to share time with each of them.

Doctoral degree journey


15 years after doing my Masters degree I’ve decided to take on my Doctoral degree. I’ve started the journey and I’m excited for the learning opportunity. I am studying leadership in a post-secondary context and my research question is as follows:

Can Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) students experience greater success in higher learning as a result of innovative leadership, policies, and governance?


75 Traits of Great Leaders


It’s here! My book is designed for leaders in all walks of life to be able to understand and employ the traits that great leaders possess. This inspirational leadership-to-go format where each page addresses one specific trait, allows you to discover ways to improve your leadership and management skills in practical and achievable slices. You’ll learn leadership from historical heroes such as Ghandi, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People author Stephen Covey, activist Audre Lorde and Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg.

You can find it on Amazon around the world.