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 Equity (Neuro) Diversity Inclusion 

As a result of my 2017 late diagnosis of autism at 48-years-old, my career path greatly expanded. Previously, my career focused on organizational leadership where I worked with organizational clients in healthcare, education, and governmental services as an executive leadership coach, organizational leadership trainer, and public speaker for over 22 years.

After my autism diagnosis, I returned to formal education to pursue a doctoral degree in leadership, policy, and governance in a post-secondary context with a research focused on how higher education leaders, faculty, and professional staff can enhance services and outcomes for autistic students in higher education.

During the years of doctoral studies, I continued to work with my organizational clients who understood that my diagnosis could inform the diversity and equity policies and practices in their particular environment. These organizations recognized that Autistic and neurodiverse individuals most likely already work in their environments.

As a result of these experiences, I’ve expanded my organizational leadership work to include work in the field of education/training about neurodiversity which encompasses triaging diversity, equity, and inclusion policies & practices, synchronous & asynchronous bespoke workshops and micro-training,  specific to your organizational needs, and speaking engagements focused on:

Organizational Leadership…

  • Neurodiversity in the Workplace – Creating & Upholding a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Environment that Strengthens Your Organization
    • Leader focused
    • Manager focused
    • Frontline focused
  • Universal Design In the Workplace: New Ways of Working & Succeeding
  • Leadership Skills for Leading a Diverse, Equitable, & Inclusive Workplace
  • Navigating a Neurodiverse Organizational Environment – How Do We Get There From Here?
  • Adaptive Leadership – Using Constructive Alignment to Build Your Outcomes-Based Leadership Practice
  • Leading During the Pandemic
  • Race and the Workplace: A part of the ‘Tough Conversations’ series
  • Online asynchronous micro-training available 

Higher Education…

  • Policy & Practices Triage: Best Practice for Colleges and Universities regarding policies that Affect Autistic Students
  • Neurodiversity in the University – Practicing a Truly Inclusive Pedagogy
    • Leadership & policy-maker focused
    • Professional Staff focused
    • Faculty focused
    • Student focused – undergrad and graduate students in STEM, psychology, accounting, business etc. where they are likely already working with autistic individuals and will do so in their future careers
  • Universal Design and Best Practice in Higher Education – Skills & Tools
  • Online asynchronous micro-training for your college or university faculty and TAs on:
    • Autism & UD training
    • Evidence-based online teaching skills
    • Scaffolding learning in today’s hybrid educational environment
    • Teaching from a constructivist perspective;
    • Implementing UDL in your syllabus
    • Understanding your legal obligation to students with disabilities
    • Neurodiversity in the university
    • 10 easy steps to creating your UDL rubric
    • & more

As a researcher, all my work is evidence-based, outcomes-based, and utilizes industry specific best practice. I design my bespoke workshops and speeches specifically for each of my clients. As an Autistic individual, my work is informed by my lived experiences and by the communities of practice I belong to in autism research, leadership, organizational coaching, and workshop training gamification. The groups I belong to in these unique spheres are dedicated to innovations in our field and development of best practices.

Recently, I have spoken on the topic of autism and late diagnosis for Spectrum News and Story Collider where I was voted one of the top picks for Story Collider’s 10th anniversary (1:35 mark of video). I sit on the editorial board of the scientific journal Autism in Adulthood,  and I co-founded the Autistic Researchers Committee (ARC) for the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR). As well, I am on the grant review board of the Autism Intervention Research Network for Physical health (AIR-P) with a $15 million investment to address “the physical health of Autistic individuals across the lifespan” (Dr. Alice Kuo Principal Investigator Chief of Internal Medicine-Pediatrics UCLA).

Lastly, I am co-leading an international cross-institutional research on autism and universal design (UD) training for faculty  under the leadership of the esteemed Dr. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch.

For more information about my work and what I can do for your organization, please contact me at: tc@adaptcoach.com

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Autistic Students & Higher Education Model

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