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 Justice • Equity (Neuro)+ Diversity Inclusion 

As a result of my 2017 late diagnosis of autism at 48-years-old, my career path expanded exponentially. From 1998 until 2017, my career focused solely on organizational leadership.

In my capacity as a leadership specialist, I work with organizational clients in healthcare, education, governmental services, not-for-profits etc. as an executive leadership coach, trainer, and public speaker.

After my autism diagnosis, I returned to formal education to pursue a doctoral degree in leadership, policy, and governance in a post-secondary context with a research focused on how higher education leaders, faculty, and professional staff can enhance services and outcomes for autistic students in higher education.

During the years of doctoral studies, I continued to work with my organizational clients who understood that my disability could inform the diversity and equity policies and practices in their particular environment. My organizational clients recognized that Autistic and neurodivergent individuals likely already work in their environments especially given that 1 in 54 are identified as Autistic.

As a result of my diagnosis, doctoral research, and current research, I’ve expanded my work to include education and training about autism, neurodivergence, Universal Design, and social justice. I work both in-person and virtually as well as synchronously & asynchronously through bespoke workshops and micro-training. As a researcher, all my work is evidence-based, outcomes-based, and utilizes industry specific best practice. I design my bespoke workshops and speeches specifically for each of my clients. As an Autistic individual, my work is informed by my lived experiences and by the communities of practice I belong to in autism research, leadership, organizational coaching, and workshop training gamification. The groups I belong to in these unique spheres are dedicated to innovations in our field and development of best practices.

Recently, I have spoken on the topics of autism and neurodivergence: intersectionality & social justice for INSAR, Universal Design, for City University New York autism and human trafficking for Free for Life, autism research for CBC Radio, autism and late diagnosis for Spectrum News and Story Collider where I was voted one of the top picks for Story Collider’s 10th anniversary (1:35 mark of video).

As well, I am honoured to co-lead an international cross-institutional research on autism and Universal Design training for Faculty under the leadership of the esteemed Dr. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch.

For more information about my work and what I can do for your organization, please contact me at: tc@adaptcoach.com 

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