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As a result of my 2017 late diagnosis of autism at 48-years-old, my career path greatly expanded. Previously, my career focused on organizational leadership where I worked with organizational clients in healthcare, education, and environmental services as an executive leadership coach, organizational leadership trainer, and public speaker for over 22 years.

After my autism diagnosis, I returned to formal education to pursue a doctoral degree in leadership, policy, and governance in a post-secondary context with a research focused on how higher education leaders, faculty, and professional staff can enhance services and outcomes for autistic students in higher education.

During the 3 years of doctoral studies, I continued to work with my organizational clients who acknowledged my diagnosis and requested autism education specifically pertaining to methods of creating a more diverse workplace. These organizations recognized that autistic individuals most likely already work in their environments.

As a result of these experiences, I’ve expanded my organizational leadership work to include work in the field of education/training on autism which includes workshops and speaking engagements focused on:

Organizational Leadership…

  • Neurodiversity in the Workplace – Creating an Inclusive Environment that Leads to A Successful Organization
    • Leader focused
    • Manager focused
    • Frontline focused
  • Universal Design In the Workplace: New Ways of Working & Succeeding
  • Leadership Skills for Leading a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
  • Navigating a Neurodiverse Organizational Environment – How Do We Get There From Here?
  • Adaptive Leadership – Using Constructive Alignment to Build Your Outcomes-Based Leadership Practice

Higher Education…

  • Autism Policy Best Practice for Colleges and Universities
  • Neurodiversity in the University – Practicing an Inclusive Pedagogy
    • Leadership & policy maker focused
    • Professional Staff focused
    • Faculty focused
    • Student focused – undergrad and graduate students in STEM, psychology, accounting, business etc. where they are likely already working with autistic individuals and will do so in their future careers
  • Universal Design and Autism Best Practice in Higher Education – Skills & Tools

As a researcher, all my work is evidence-based, outcomes-based, and utilizes industry specific best practice. I design my bespoke workshops and speeches specifically for each of my clients. As an Autistic individual, my work is informed by my lived experiences and by the communities of practice I belong to in autism research, leadership, organizational coaching, and workshop training gamification. The groups I belong to in these unique spheres are dedicated to innovations in our field and development of best practices.

Recently, I have spoken on the topic of autism and late diagnosis for Spectrum News and Story Collider where I was voted one of the top picks for Story Collider’s 10th anniversary (1:35 mark of video). I sit on the editorial board of the scientific journal Autism in Adulthood,  and I co-founded the Autism Researchers Committee (ARC) for the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR).

I am also currently co-leading an international research on autism and universal design (UD) training for faculty at higher education institutions around the world under the leadership of the esteemed Dr. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch.

For more information about my work and what I can do for your organization, please contact me at: tc@adaptcoach.com

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