College Autism Summit

I am honoured to serve on the panel at the College Autism Summit on Oct 28th, 2020 discussing the experiences of life on the spectrum on a college campus. As part of the College Autism Network Virtual Association of Scholars (CANVAS), this summit brings together scholars, practitioners, administrators, employers, self-advocates and their family members toContinue reading “College Autism Summit”

Guest speaker in the Autism Certificate Program

It was a privilege to be invited to speak to a Towson university class on the intersection of race and autism. The class of bright, fierce students were kind, open, and showed a strong spirit of inquiry with their exceptional questions. I wish them all the best of luck with their future endevours. A specialContinue reading “Guest speaker in the Autism Certificate Program”

Autism Intervention Research Network for Physical Health (AIR-P)

I am honoured to be a decision-making partner serving on the grant review board of the AIR-P along with other noted Autistic leaders in their respective fields. Formerly under the Autism Speaks umbrella, AIR-P is now under the leadership of Dr. Alice Kuo of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and partners at KaiserContinue reading “Autism Intervention Research Network for Physical Health (AIR-P)”

Sinneave Family Foundation Campus Prep Program

I am honoured to be working on the advisory board of the Sinneave Family Foundation designing the online version of Autism Campus Prep program for Autistic individuals planning on attending post-secondary programs after high school. This program has been offered in several universities across Alberta in its previous iteration and now we are designing thisContinue reading “Sinneave Family Foundation Campus Prep Program”

Antistasis Journal Volume 10 #2

(Re)Imagining Leadership and Supports to Promote Enhanced Outcomes for Autism Spectrum Students in Universities: Exploring the Perspectives of Canadian Leaders, Accessibility Services Personnel, Teaching Faculty, and Autistic Students Authors: TC Waisman, Shelleyann Scott, Donald E. Scott Our article was just published this month (August 2020) in Antistasis and can be viewed here:

A Cross-Institutional Research on UD Autism Training for Faculty

If you are a faculty member or TA of a university and you would like to increase your knowledge of Autistic students, gain an understanding of universal design (UD) as a pedagogical tool that benefits all students, and obtain practical resources you can utilize immediately, please contact me to be added to the wait listContinue reading “A Cross-Institutional Research on UD Autism Training for Faculty”

Autism Training

The following autism training was created by members of the International Society for Autism Research -INSAR’s- Autism Researchers Committee for use at INSAR international meetings and large conferences. This training is a brief introduction to autistic people, how we see ourselves, myths about autism, and how to work with us. Please cite accordingly. Citation: Waisman,Continue reading “Autism Training”

Co-Chair of our new Autistic Researchers Committee

The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) unanimously appointed its inaugural Autistic Researchers Committee. While many Autistic persons and allies have been championing research informed by Autistic lives, this marks the first organized and recognized effort to directly involve Autistic researchers in contributing to the course autism research. in addressing and collaborating on autistic researchContinue reading “Co-Chair of our new Autistic Researchers Committee”

Story Collider podcast

Thank you Story Collider and Spectrum News for the opportunity to raise awareness about autism and late diagnosis. This podcast (also a video with a link below in a June post) allowed me to talk about my personal experience of being diagnosed at 48 years old and how that led to my doctoral research.