A Cross-Institutional Research on UD Autism Training for Faculty

If you are a faculty member or TA of a university and you would like to increase your knowledge of Autistic students, gain an understanding of universal design (UD) as a pedagogical tool that benefits all students, and obtain practical resources you can utilize immediately, please contact me to be added to the wait list for participation in this research. Participants will receive $50USD through PayPal in your local currency. The total time commitment including pre-test, training, post-test, and maintenance questionnaire is approximately 2-3 hours.

Under the guidance of the esteemed Dr. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, I am excited to announce that I am the primary author of our research on Autism & Universal Design Training for Faculty. We are honoured to work with talented collaborator researchers from around the world who are accomplished in the fields of:

  • Online Learning
  • Universal Design
  • Experiences of Autistic students in higher education
  • Faculty Training
  • Camouflaging and Masking
  • Autism and Mental Health
  • Educational Leadership
  • Diagnosis and Defining Autism
  • Neurodiversity
  • Participatory Mentorship
  • The impact of Technology on Equity & Inclusion
  • Sensory processing and sensory sensitivities in autism
  • Leadership, policy, & governance in a post-secondary context as it relates to Autistic students’ outcomes in higher education

Published by TC Waisman

Since 1998, TC has worked with leaders in large organizations to enhance their leadership capabilities and make consequential changes to their leadership practice. Coaching and training leaders for over 20 years, TC has learned to support her clients’ development using organizational best practices and evidence-based research. TC is an ICF certified coach, she holds a Master’s degree in Leadership & Training, and she is currently undertaking her doctoral degree in leadership in a post-secondary context. Inspired by her late autism diagnosis at 48 years old, her research focuses on how higher education leaders can enhance services and outcomes for autistic students in higher learning. Since beginning her research two years ago, TC has co-founded a not-for-profit society for neurodiverse individuals, spoken on autism related topics, published an academic literature review on autism and the implications for higher learning, and was appointed an editorial board member of the new scientific journal Autism in Adulthood. TC is of Indigenous Fijian and Nepalese origin. She moved to Vancouver in 1976 where she currently lives with Dean her partner of 30 years. TC is a proud mother to her fiercely funny 23-year-old daughter Sunshine and the author of the book 75 Traits of Great Leaders. TC is on target to complete her doctoral degree in 2020.

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