Research underway

I am currently conducting doctoral research to explore the ways in which higher education leaders, faculty, and staff can enhance services and outcomes for autistic students in higher education. This study aims to map the effectiveness of current policies and practices available to autistic students in higher education and to identify the ways in which services and outcomes can be improved for autistic students through a better understanding of autistic students’ needs. The research has two components, a quantitative questionnaire and qualitative interview. There are three main groups taking part in this study. The groups are as follows:

1st Group: Autistic adults diagnosed or self-diagnosed, who have attended Canadian universities. This study is limited to Canadian universities only therefore attendance at colleges or trade schools even with university level courses, is not included in this study.

2nd group: Key informants who have experience with day-to-day practices that affect autistic students in roles such as faculty, student accessibility services staff, equity & inclusion services, human rights on campus, student advocacy etc. who work or have worked in universities in Canada. If you are diagnosed or self-identify as autistic, please let the researcher know.

3rd Group: Provosts, Assistant Provosts, Deans and higher education leaders in Canada because they have a unique perspective as leaders who influence and integrate policies that affect autistic students and their educational outcomes. If you are diagnosed of self-identify as autistic, please let the researcher know.

Research is set to close on October 20th, 2019.

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