75 Traits of Great Leaders

It’s here! My book is designed for leaders in all walks of life to be able to understand and employ the traits that great leaders possess. This inspirational leadership-to-go format where each page addresses one specific trait, allows you to discover ways to improve your leadership and management skills in practical and achievable slices. You’ll learn leadershipContinue reading “75 Traits of Great Leaders”

BC Adaptive Leadership Sumit

Another lovely group for my Adaptive Leadership Summit Workshop. They came from all across BC to spend the day together bonding, learning how to be Adaptive leaders and strengthening their skills by putting it into practice with real-time challenges they have at work. Fun day…great people! For more information on the Adaptive Leadership Summit orContinue reading “BC Adaptive Leadership Sumit”

Fort McMurray Adaptive Leadership Summit

A good day with a great group in Fort McMurray. Working with my organizational client to enhance their adaptive leadership skills, connect with each other and address real-time challenges they are facing Our day consisted of: 1. Learning how to be an Adaptive Leader on an individual level, within teams and within the organization 2.Continue reading “Fort McMurray Adaptive Leadership Summit”