Applied Neuroscience Certification

I just completed my certification in applied neuroscience specifically for coach practitioners. I highly recommend this certification program for any leadership coach, faculty member, or professional working with others to enhance their leadership skills and accelerate their success. Drawing from current neuroscience research, this program teaches you about brain function, constructed emotions, and mindful, healthy, intuitive, and motivated brains. By learning to prioritize knowledge about brain functions in the way we coach, we can apply specific evidence-based strategies to attain strong results for our clients. This program is thorough and comes complete with tools, strategies, resources and podcasts to give learners the depth of knowledge that is needed to move our coaching clients beyond their current state.

College Autism Network Virtual Association of Scholars (CANVAS)

Thank you to Dr. Brett Ranon Nachman and the team at the College Autism Network for the opportunity to share my doctoral research with our CANVAS community. I appreciate the thoughtful questions and insights from our amazing CANVAS members. Big thank you to those in the community that jumped in and were willing to share your experiences and your own research. As always…a wonderful group of academics and community activists. A video link to the presentation will be posted shortly. Please join our CANVAS community to learn more about current autism research and connect with other scholars, practitioners, students, advocates, and faculty around the world.

Autistic Researchers Committee

It was an honour to serve as co-founder and member of the Autistic Researchers Committee (ARC) at INSAR. Thank you to the amazing members of the committee for all your hard work in laying down the strong foundations that support all future work of the ARC committee.

In January 2020, The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) unanimously appointed its inaugural Autistic Researchers Committee. While many Autistic persons and allies have been championing research informed by Autistic lives, this marks the first organized and recognized effort to directly involve Autistic researchers in contributing to the course of autism research.

It was a great honour to work with Dr. Steven Kapp and Dr. Christina Nicolaidis on our capstone presentation for the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) Institute 2021. The theme for our lecture was Autism & Neurodiversity: Intersectionality and Social Justice. The video presentation is available on the INSAR website (link below for session #6) for the next few weeks and will be available moving forward to INSAR members. Thank you to INSAR for hosting us.


Dr. Steven Kapp PhD
Dr. Christina Nicolaidis MD, MDH

Leaders in Action 2021

It is a great honour to be working once again with Julie Hamilton in the Leaders in Action program. Since 2005, we have worked together training and coaching leaders in healthcare, government, and education. The Leaders in Action program is an interactive 6-month training program designed to support frontline leaders step into their leadership capacity fully. This unique program focuses on practical skill development for today’s frontline leaders, plus individual coaching and an action-learning project. The action-learning project requires the LIA participants to work as a team and choose a specific business issue or opportunity they want to address.

We have successfully run 16 LIA cohorts in Canada and 2 LIA cohorts in the UK with over 400 graduates. This program is evidence-based and has a proven track record for creating a dynamic network of leaders who continue to build their leadership capacity & adapt to the changing needs of their organizations long after the program is over.

Autism Campus Prep Program is live!

The Autism Campus Prep was written and developed by a group of us Autistic post-secondary students and graduates together with The Sinneave Family Foundation. The free course covers the following topics: selecting academic programs, understanding how to fully participate in work/social life on campus, and maintaining health and wellness. It is suited for any Autistic individual (their parent or caretaker) who may considering post-secondary education of any kind. It is online and asynchronous which allows participants to start/stop and jump to the topics that are most relevant to their needs at the moment. Have fun and enjoy!